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Lindt Maître breaks chocolate
Lindt Maître breaks chocolate

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    10. October 2023

    Christmas season 2023

    This year’s Advent season at the Lindt Home of Chocolate will not only be sweet but also exciting – and hopefully very Christmassy, too! We have something special and different planned for each weekend of Advent. Drop by for a visit and enjoy the unique, festive atmosphere!
    Adventszeit im Lindt Home of Chocolate
    Easter painting competition
    21. February 2023

    Easter coloring competition

    Participate in the painting contest and with a little luck you win an exciting chocolate tour for your family.
    21. February 2023

    Easter time

    During the Easter season we have various great entertainments and courses that guarantee fun for young and old.
    Ostern im Lindt Home of Chocolate