An interactive journey of discovery in the chocolate museum

Did you know that you used to be able to pay for things with cocoa beans? You can find out how this came about, and many other fascinating facts all about chocolate in our exhibition, the multimedia chocolate tour. Experience the world of chocolate with all your senses: from its creation and cultural significance to unlimited chocolate tasting. School classes can only visit the chocolate tour with a complimentary guide – please book your tickets here

Chocolate tour with audioguide

Join us on an exciting tour through the world of chocolate! Journey back to the origins of chocolate and experience how cocoa conquered Europe. Meet the Swiss chocolate pioneers who sweetened our lives with their inventions. Marvel at all the work it takes to transform cocoa beans into melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. Follow the chocolate manufacturing process in our modern test facilities. And find out just how irresistible Swiss chocolate is for yourselves.

Cocoa cultivation

Cocoa is the origin of chocolate and its main ingredient. Cocoa has a long journey to take before it is processed into chocolate. Come with us on a journey to Ghana and watch our cocoa farmers at work.

The cocoa tree produces the most important raw material for chocolate

The cocoa tree produces the most important raw material for chocolate

Exhibition Design: ATELIER BRÜCKNER

The interactive history of chocolate experience

The interactive history of chocolate experience. / Exhibition Design: ATELIER BRÜCKNER

Chocolate history

Join us as we travel to Central America to discover the secrets of chocolate
dating back thousands of years. Witness Spanish explorers bringing the exotic drink back to the royal courts of Europe – and how it gradually conquers the rest of the world from there.

The Swiss pioneers

How is it that the small, mountainous country in the heart of Europe, became the ultimate “capital of chocolate”? There are many different answers to this. Meet the Swiss pioneers whose inventions revolutionize the world of chocolate in the 19th century.

Part of the chocolate tour pays tribute to the Swiss chocolate pioneers

Inventive spirit of the Swiss chocolate pioneers. / Exhibition Design: ATELIER BRÜCKNER

Chocolate tasting

Chocolate tasting in the Lindt Home of Chocolate. / Exhibition Design: ATELIER BRÜCKNER

Unlimited chocolate tasting

Discover chocolate in all its many facets. Let yourself fall under the spell of the masterpieces of the Lindt Master Chocolatiers. Welcome to chocolate heaven, where your sweetest dreams come true.

Chocolate production

In chocolate production, the experience and passion of Master Chocolatiers meet the latest technology and efficient machines. Follow every step of the process that transforms the beans into cocoa liquor, then into liquid chocolate, and finally into perfect bars and pralines.

Chocolate Production

Find out more about chocolate production here. / Exhibition Design: ATELIER BRÜCKNER

The pilot plant shows you exactly what happens in a real chocolate factory

The large pilot plant

The pilot plant is at the heart of everything our engineers and researchers do in the Lindt Home of Chocolate. Here we reveal the secrets of how our incomparable chocolate is made and show you what happens in our real chocolate factory. Follow new products as they are created.

Chocolate, Schokolade, chocolat, cioccolato or qiaokèlì?

A Lindt Master Chocolatier invites you on a journey of discovery into the world of chocolate via audio guide. Every time you reach a whisk symbol, the Master Chocolatier will explain something important, exciting or interesting to you. The interactive tour is available in the following languages:


German (additional audio guide for children)

Your personal guided tour through the Lindt chocolate museum

Public guided tour


During this hour-long guided tour you and your fellow walk-in visitors will learn how the cocoa pod is cultivated, harvested and processed into the finest chocolate. We will reveal to you how the cult drink of the Mayans came to Europe and why Switzerland became the capital of chocolate. In our glass-windowed chocolate factory, we will show you how our experts produce chocolate today. You will also have a chance to try the finest chocolate to your heart’s content.

Public Guided Tour
Guided tour CHOCO WORLD
Guided tour for groups


On this hour-long guided tour you will learn all about the long journey of the cocoa bean, from its growing region all the way to Europe, and how cocoa pods are processed into the finest chocolate. We will reveal to you how chocolate conquered the world during its 5,000-year history, and how Switzerland became the chocolate capital of the world. In our glass-windowed chocolate factory, you can watch how we produce small chocolate bars and will be able to taste the finest chocolate to your heart’s content in the exhibition.

Exclusive guided tour for groups


On this 90-minute guided tour, you will gain further insights into the world of cocoa and the production of chocolate. We will show you how the cult drink of the Mayans became a luxury drink in Europe, and ultimately chocolate for ordinary people everywhere. In addition to the tasting stations in the exhibition and the finest pralines to sample with our Lindt Master Chocolatiers, we also offer you the exclusive opportunity to taste ingredients and preliminary products of chocolate production. Dive into the world of chocolate.

Exclusive guided tour CHOCO WORLD
Guided tour for school classes


Does chocolate grow on trees? Has there always been chocolate? Take your pupils on a quest and discover together where cocoa grows, how it is cultivated and how it is harvested. We reveal why it took 5,000 years to make chocolate for everyone and how Switzerland became a country of chocolate. You can also try real cocoa nibs and finest chocolate. The hour-long guided tour is suitable for students from 3rd to 12th grade and is for free (but all participants must first purchase an entry ticket). A guide leads the class up to 30 pupils through the exhibition, the teacher accompanies and supervises the class.

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