Kilchberg, November 24, 2019

The countdown to the opening of the Lindt Home of Chocolate has begun – the building will now be filled with chocolate magic

Around 1,000 days have passed since the groundbreaking ceremony for the Lindt Home of Chocolate took place in January 2017. The impressive, multifunc-tional building at the Lindt & Sprüngli headquarters in Kilchberg is now ready for the final touches. In a festive ceremony, the general contractor responsible for the construction work officially handed over the building to the Lindt Choco-late Competence Foundation, which is realizing and financing this extraordi-nary project. Over the coming months leading up to the official opening, the building’s distinctive architecture will be enhanced by the construction of unique interactive experiences revolving around the world of chocolate. This attraction signals the start of a new era not only for Lindt & Sprüngli but also for the chocolate industry as a whole. The aim of the visionary project is to strengthen Switzerland’s position as a chocolate and business destination in the long term.

After the topping-out ceremony was celebrated in September of last year, the project’s final milestone has now been reached. Accompanied by the architects Christ & Gan-tenbein, representatives of the general contractor Eiffage officially handed over the building to the Lindt Chocolate Competence Foundation, which is now overseeing the interior finishing of the multifaceted building.


Over the past 34 months, a true masterpiece has been built on the premises of Lindt & Sprüngli in Kilchberg. Before the actual construction work could begin, a 13-meter-deep building pit was excavated. For this, a total of 4,450 trucks hauled away more than 66,800 cubic meters of soil and over 250 tons of steel were required just to reinforce the construction pit. Whether it was under a hot sun, buffeted by winds or drenched by rain and snow, the workers gave their utmost to ensure the tight deadlines were met. Just 36 weeks later, the first milestone was reached with the laying of the foundation stone – the symbolic start of the surface construction. From that point on, the build-ing’s progress could be seen as it took shape and rose higher into the sky day by day until it reached its final height of 20 meters by September 2018. Around 2,500 tons of steel and 16,600 cubic meters of concrete were required. In the building’s interior more than 1,400 strong logs were used to support the construction. Perfectly embed-ded into the existing surroundings, the modern design provides a striking counterbal-ance to the historical factory building. Over the past few months, the complex form-work required for the eye-catching interior design of the three-story building was car-ried out and the curved staircases, suspended walkways and imposing skylights over-head lend the building its particular elegance.

Chocolate attraction in close proximity to Zurich

With the grand opening planned in approximately six months, completion is underway of the interactive multimedia exhibition, a pilot plant with show production, the largest Lindt Chocolate Shop in the world, a Lindt Chocolate Café and a Chocolateria for chocolate-making courses. A chocolate fountain measuring over nine meters in height is an impressive feature located right in the entrance area. In addition to the fountain, which will have real chocolate flowing through it, the tasting room is another highlight, where visitors can sample a wide variety of creations from the Lindt Maîtres Chocolatiers.


After the official opening, chocolate fans from Switzerland and abroad will be drawn to this exciting destination with its mouthwatering address at “Schokoladenplatz 1”. President of the Lindt Chocolate Competence Foundation’s Board, Ernst Tanner, is particularly proud that the opening of this unique chocolate experience coincides precisely with the 175th anniversary of Lindt & Sprüngli. “A tremendous vision is taking shape with the construction of the Lindt Home of Chocolate. I am convinced that Kilchberg, the Zurich region and all of Switzerland will benefit from the irresistible appeal of this project and that the museum will attract much interest from beyond our borders as well.”

The Lindt Home of Chocolate at a Glance:

  • Chocolate fountain measuring over nine meters in height is a special highlight
  • Exhibition covering approximately 1,500 m2 with seven different interactive chocolate universes: Cocoa Cultivation, History of Chocolate, Swiss Chocolate Pioneers, Chocolate Production, Chocolate Cosmos, Chocolate Tasting, Innovation Lab, the “Pilot Plant” and show production
  • Chocolateria for chocolate-making courses with a lounge for events
  • Lindt Café with indoor seating for 80 people and an outdoor patio
  • Lindt Chocolate Shop covering 500 m2
  • Auditorium for 100 people
  • Attractive outdoor area for visitors as well as for local residents and employees


2013: Visionary idea of a Chocolate Competence Center
2014: Architectural design competition
2015: Submission of construction project to the Kilchberg/ZH municipality
2016: Approval of construction project
2017: Excavation of construction pit and laying of the foundation stone; start of sur-face construction
2018: Completion of surface construction
2019: Building handover and interior finishing
2020: Opening of the Lindt Home of Chocolate

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Building handover Lindt Home of Chocolate

Exterior view Lindt Home of Chocolate

Partner building hand over Lindt Home of Chocolate

Partner building hand over Lindt Home of Chocolate

Interior view Lindt Home of Chocolate

Interior view Lindt Home of Chocolate

Drone view Lindt Home of Chocolate

Drone view Lindt Home of Chocolate

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