Valentine's day special

Our Valentine's day course at the Lindt Home of Chocolate

Make yourself and your partner happy and experience special moments with us at the LINDT CHOCOLATERIA.
Together with our expert guidance from the LINDT Master Chocolatiers you can create special, personalized Valentine’s day chocolate creations packed nicely, ready to take home.

Details about the course

In this course, you can cast and decorate your own chocolate heart from the finest Lindt chocolate and let your creativity run free as you decorate pralines.


CHF 52.-  per person


90 minutes


16 years and above

Get creative for Valentine's Day

Choose one of our unique chocolate courses and create chocolate yourself under the expert guidance of the Lindt Master Chocolatiers. An unforgettable experience in the unique atmosphere of the Lindt CHOCOLATERIA at the Lindt Home of Chocolate.

Formen und veredeln

Make chocolate lollipops and figures yourself

In this course, you will create small chocolate treats that you can take home with you. First, you and your group will be immersed in the world of chocolate with an exciting introduction.
Kreativ mit allen Sinnen

Make your own precious chocolate bars

In this course you will pour your own chocolate bar and decorate it exactly how you like. While the bars cool, you will be guided through a chocolate tasting by one of our LINDT Master Chocolatiers.